Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sea Animals - Animals

Whales and dolphins are mammals, not fish.
There are 33 dissimilar kinds of sticks worldwide, with two breathing in the UK.
Sea otters can eat up to 9 kg of fare a day, and they have the densest fur of some mammals.
A male Northern whale seal can dive for 20-35 minutes, a port seal for 3-7 minutes, a walrus for 10 minutes, and a bottlenose dolphin for 8 minutes and a slaughterer whale for 10 minutes.
Aquatic (sea) mammals can hold their inhalation for a long time by preserving oxygen – they have more blood and more oxygen-carrying red blood cells than human beings, and can deliberate their heart rate and re-circulate their blood to essential organs, such as the heart, lungs and brain.
The stiff of a jellyfish is 90-94% water, and a cluster of jellyfish is called a ‘smack’.
The Lion’s curls jellyfish has a body up to 2.3 m transversely and tentacles of up to 36.5 m lengthy.
Male seahorses give birth to live adolescent, and a group of seahorses is called a ‘herd’.
An octopus (plural octopi, octopuses or octopods) uses a blur of ink or transforms color to confuse predators and victim.
An octopus has four pairs of two arms, and can raise a new arm if one is hurt.
The Romans used a color made from a hot sea snail, the ‘spiny dye-murex’, to coloring cloth purple – the color was very classy and was used for official robes
Starfish have two stomachs, and the majorities have five arms, with an eye at the finish of each limb.
Fish and seafood is a very vigorous food – in Great Britain, citizens bought more than 387,000 quality of fresh, ice-covered and canned seafood.
There are more than 10,500 fish and cut shops in the UK, selling 276 million segments of fish and chips every year.


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